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Troubleshooting & Control Tips
The game requires Flash Player 7 to run.

After clicking on "Play" from the main menu, the game should start in a popup browser window. There is no loading message, but after a few seconds the introduction should start playing.

You can skip the introduction by hitting any key. (Netscape users will have to click on the movie first)

Internet Explorer users can scale or maximise the movie, but if you change the apect ratio this may affect your turning speed.

If the game is running too slowly, right-click with the mouse, and reduce the "Quality" setting for the Flash movie, or reduce the movie to a smaller size.

If you find any bugs, please report them to the author by choosing "Send a Message" from the main menu. All feedback is greatly appreciated.
I've played for a bit, but I dont know what I'm supposed to be doing.
Click on the islands and objects to solve the puzzles and escape from the archipelago.
I don't know how to escape.
Solve all the puzzles and the means will present itself.
I can't get anything to work.
Did you know you can move from island to island while you're carrying objects? You'll need to do this to solve most of the puzzles.
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